About us

Activity (Company activity):

Produce publications, books and apps, and publish them through global stores and platforms.

The Company’s Vision:

The first organization at the international level that provides high quality educational products and services in cooperation with our partners to reach the largest segment of the target audience.

The Company’s Mission:

A leader in the production and design of superior quality educational products and services.

Company’s Departments:

  1. Composition and Preparation Department: This department prepares excellent subject matter geared towards a segment of society that is barely targeted.
  2. The Translation Department:This department undertakes to deal with the finest translators around the world, according to a list prepared for the purpose.
  3. Design Department:This consists of a group of creative designers in the field of artistic direction and production.
  4. Technology Department:This consists of technical working groups that are able to keep up with technological acceleration and deal with it at a high level of professional competence.
  5. Printing and Storage Department: This department deals with the finest printing companies for top-quality publications. 
  6. Relations and Marketing Department: Members in this department open communication and marketing channels through all outlets that enable them to reach the target segment. 

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